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2001 - 2009 Testimonials

Thanks for a great race. It was very special, not only for us to win but for the entire. -BM

Wow! I hope this message finds you doing well! What a race! A must do event from now on! Thanks a million for the effort. -JR

Thanks for a fun day at the park.  we really enjoy the challenge you put infront of us. -AP

Great course, great race this weekend!  It was sufficiently challenging and I love to see parts of the city that I never knew existed! Congratulations on putting together a great race! -DG

Thanks for an outstanding race.  We enjoyed the course that was both challenging and fun.  Please forward our thanks to your staff who did an excellent job.  My hats off to your organizational skills, your team, and your effort.  -DY

Great job again on the race.  The course was challenging and fun. -JL

As always, you did a super job !!   I have to wear long pants all week to hide my "lovely" trashed legs !!  -BG

In my rush to find a bath tub after tonight’s race I failed to thank you for putting on such a great race for us.  I hope it was as good for you as it was for me!- EH

Thanks again for putting on a terrific race.  I enjoyed this one the most of all the races I've done. - PO

I just wanted to compliment you and the rest of your race design and organizing team.  This years race was by far the most interesting of the Indy races we've participated in.  It felt like much more of an adventure and seemed very well balanced between the various disciplines.  It offered more opportunities for crucial decision-making and that helped keep it fresh and interesting. Overall, I'd say you put on one hell of a good race.  Congratulations. -TH

I know I told you this on race day, but you all did an awesome job of putting on this race. This was my first adventure race, and it was everything I dreamed of and more and I'm completely hooked. You can count on seeing me next year (and hopefully at other races in between)! All your hard work and dedication was worth it. And your volunteer efforts with the race clinics made a huge difference to me and my team. I know it was a huge time investment on your part, but to my team, it was so worthwhile and it helped to make our first race experience absolutely incredible! Thanks for everything! -AA

Great race!  I had a lot of fun and felt the course was challenging!  The repel off the dam was a particular highlight!  I really wanted to say how much it meant to us that you all were waiting and cheering for us after a challenging day too!  Most of all I appreciated the hard work and unselfish contribution by Team Shackleton Endurance that allowed 100% of the entry fees to go to such a worthy cause as the Morning Dove program.  Thank you for this selfless act. -DW

I wanted to say great job with setting up an exciting race course and send a thanks out to all the volunteers who helped. It was our teams first adventure race and we had a blast on the long course. We learned a lot and look forward to more races in the future. We all had a great time. -DD

Thanks for the wonderful race, this was great! I didnt want to stop at the end of it, the orienteering was my favorite part! -JC

Thanks for the memories.  We plan on entering again next year.  -B


I just wanted to drop you a line and say "thanks" for all your work, and the work of your staff, for a great race.  It was only my third, but it was easily my favorite so far.  I really liked all the water aspects.  It was a great idea to require us to carry our bikes down the middle of the creek, do a little orienteering on bikes during the off road, rappel into the water, the coasteering (even though our shins weren't happy at the time), and the fun orienteering course.  It was all great and had many, many highlights.  I know I shared this memory with someone already, but I loved the vision of paddling down close to the dam on our way to Checkpoint 7.  You could see the water, then the stark green hill rising above, on top of which were individuals portaging their canoes on their heads - dark outlines against the blue sky - a very cool vision that will stick with me.
I know it took a lot of effort to plan, map out, dry run, etc..., and hopefully it helps to know how much I (and my team) appreciated your efforts.  I'm already looking forward to next year!  I was very impressed with how well organized your event was and how professionally everything was handled. -JN

My thanks to you, your team, the volunteers, and the race sponsors!  This was my third race (all 6-10 hour sprints), and the first for my teammates.  We all had a great time and found the course fun and challenging!  We can't wait for next year's race, and we plan to drag some friends/family along as a second team.  The rappelling at the end of the course was a real treat, too.  We very nearly got back in line for a second trip down the wall!  (Considering how tired one of my teammates was after the bicycling section, that's really saying something that he was ready to climb the stairs again!) - JP

Great job on the race.  Thanks for all the hard work and good organization.  It was a fun course, particulary the rappel into the water. Kudos to the friendly volunteers too. -DK
Thanks for all your hard work and a great race. We learned a lot and are looking forward to next years race. -G

I just have to say it.... I was sooo tired on Sunday after the race, but I had a ball!  Thanks to everyone who did such a great job putting on a fun race!  It was our team's first experience with adventure racing.  Your race will now be the standard by which other adventure races are judged!  Thanks so much for your hard work! See ya next year! -C

What a great race.  Appropriately challenging for us..... looking forward to the results (and of course NEXT year!) -L

I know I told you at the finish but wanted to tell you again just how much we enjoyed the race!  It was certainly a challenge but no part was so very difficult- read "orienteering"- that teams were not able to finish within the allotted time.  This is not to say that the orienteering was not challenging but that the points were not so hidden as to make them nearly impossible to find.  I think the number of participants and the number of states represented speaks well to the interest in this race in only 3 years and that it's a fair test of a team's muster but not impossible.  Those teams who felt it was not particularly difficult can then race against the clock.  Indeed we were racing against other teams because they too were having a measure of success in navigating the entire course. -W

I still cannot get over the detail of your maps, they are awesome!  Hope you have another race next year, it really is a neat event. -B

This past Saturday was my first experience with adventure racing, and I had a great time.  It was more fun than I ever expected.  I'll be back next year. -W

I and the rest of my Team thank you for a tough, fun race that had lots of changes and plenty of challenges.  Well done. - T

I just wanted to say that you guys did an awesome job! It was a lot of fun and I know it has to be a ton of work to put together. My suggestion for next time would be that Greg go out ahead of time and clear out all of the stinging nettles... ;o) -M

Thanks you for a great race we really enjoy it and our new member is hook now.  -P






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