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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
From Our Previous Races

Can we use GPSs or electronic navigational devices?
No these types of devices are strictly not allowed to be used

Does each person have to carry all their individual gear or can one person carry another's required gear?
Sure, this is what adventure racing teamwork is all about, as long all the required gear (for everyone) is with the team it does not matter who actually has it.

Can we use our bike gloves for the rope activities?
No, the gloves must be full-finger leather gloves per the gear list

Is there a transition area (TA)?
Yes, however you will not always be returning to the TA before changing activities so be prepared to carry any and all gear you think is necessary before returning to the TA.



We have never do rope activities before, what is the penalty if we elected to skip this section/event?
This penalty will not be announced until the participants reach that section of the race. However the time penalty will be much greater than the time it will take to complete the rope work.

Is it possible for me to find if there is going to be or not going to be any portages during the paddling section of the race?
We won't know if there will be a portage until the final logistics of the race are completed.

Can we use a sail on the paddle section?
Sure, go for it.

Is there a cut-off time to finish the race?
Yes, this will be announced at the pre-race meeting.






Nurpu River