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2005 Race Summary

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September 10, 2005

2005 Course Results

Race Pictures (Thanks to Terry Fletcher of (Sportzbizz) for taking over 550 pictures.)


1.  Henricks Air: Eric Henricks/TBA/TBA (Indianapolis, IN)
2.  White Water Rapids: Tom Dayton/Brad Barcom/Eugenie Baum (Indianapolis, IN)
3.  Blind Ridge Runners: Jay Dunnuck/Jay Winchester/Rod Colman (Winion Lake, IN)
4.  Ivan Toplace:  Lance Williams/Chris Beers/Paula Beers (New Albany, IN)
5.  JAMNT: Martin Wilkey/Vicki Wilkey/Jim Kramer (Indianapolis, IN)
6.  Team TAB:  Tim Yeadon/Beth Yeadon/Adrian Young (Mc Cordsville, IN)
7.  Spare Tires: John Baumgart/Melissa Baumgart/Paul Gorman (Indianapolis, IN)
8.  Team Beta:  Kristopher Williams/Jim Haller/Ryan Schoenefeld (Warsaw, IN)
9.  The Try-Pod:  Julie Kosey/Kyle Kosey/Joe Hostetler (Garner, NC)
10.  Two Hips and an Elbow:  Jason Slone/Russ Parrott/Mike Schular (Silver Lake, IN)

11.  Spile Drivers:  Doug Mark/Kim Wojcik/Michael Young (Lebanon, IN)
12.  Monkeys of Elsewhere: Kat McCorkle/Doug Hormann/Eric Walters (Avon, IN)
13.  Heat Resistant:  David Hardebeck/Brent Hatter/Greg Lanham (Indianapolis, IN)
14.  Team FNG:  Steve Coleman/Brian Smith/Travis Easter (Indianapolis, IN)
15.  Its All Relative:  Kirk Scheumann/Theresa Scheumann/Janna Kunkle (Brownsburg, IN)
16.  Team Lead Dog:  Jeff Porter/Lucy Porter/Mark Hostetler (Schaumburg, IL / Eau Claire WI )
17.  Team Cobalt: Nate Winslow/Nick Missos/Aaron Smits (Warsaw, IN)
18.  What's Trump?:  Kurt Broderick/Julie Baumgart/Mark Baumgart (Indianapolis, IN)
19.  2 Athletes & a Fat Sombitch: Bert Kremer/Wendi Wormal/Brook Smith (Louisville, KY)
20.  Foolish Buffaloes: Karin Gibbs/Tim Gill/Chad Viscusi (St Joseph / Champaign, IL)

21.  The Lost Souls: Tom Fifer/Eric Tysland/Deb Grosher (Indianapolis, IN)
22.  Olin Juan Abbey:  Dayna Schuessler/Jeff Zacarias/Daryl Hedge (Avon, IN)
23.  Team Synergy:  Richard Hedge/Jamie Hedge/Kevin Hipskind (Indianapolis, IN)
24.  Looking for the Levee:  Shelley Lancaster/Dave Carter/Scott Engum (Indianapolis, IN)
25.  Temporary Avenue: Jeff Bockelman/Ron Cornwell/Sarah Gibson (Lebanon, IN)
26.  Bandidos:  Bryan Jones/David Greene/Ken Birkle (Carmel, IN)
27.  Team Perpetual Motion:  Ryan Blank/Paro Ray/Jason Thorne (West Lafayette, IN)
28.  Team Shrimp Cocktail: Paul Overhauser/Jennifer Jaenicke/Brian Petersson (Greenfield, IN)
29.  Citgo/Gray Goat B:  Bonnie Hartmann/Brian Betner/Nathan Folks (Fishers, IN / Portland, OH)
30.  Citgo/Gray Goat:  Matt VanHoosier/Matt Jourdan/Eric Armstrong (Indianapolis, IN)

31.  Team Woohoo:  Michelle Folz/Kim McNealy/Phil McNealy(Indianapolis, IN)
32.  WWWT? Race Team: Michael Walls/Nita Martens/Jon Sanders (Hope, IN)
33.  Unity Rootstock: Michael Garrison/Cristal Fleener/Steve Allen (Indianapolis, IN)
34.  Tortured Soles: Michael Mulvey/Patsy Popejoy/Jon Kelley (Indianapolis, IN)
35.  Team Ragged Glory V6:  Doug Theis/Steve Kincade/Nancy Gawrys (Indianapolis, IN)
36.  Running w/ The Dawgs: Kent Stephens/Nat Ridge/Carrie Edgell (Indianapolis, IN)
37.  Sasquatch: Mike Brooks/Kristi Hill/Trent Loewen (Fishers, IN)
38.  Castaways:  Debi Hutchenson/Kivan Hutchenson/Randy Swinford (Reelsville, IN)
39.  Team ?:  Duane Andres/Daniel Andres/Dawn Hostetler (Carmel, IN)
40.  Yellowjackets:  Michael Robinson/Raleigh Langley/Lee Baucom (Louisville, KY)

41.  Mother Juggs & Speed/Adventure Works:  Jerry Lyons/Angelia Kniesly/John Kniesly (Indianapolis, IN)
42.  Pat, Zach & The Old Hack: Zach Mitchell/Dick Whicker/Pat Cummins  (Indianapolis, IN)
43.  Dazed and Confused:  Beth Thomas/Mike Reed/Joel Sauer (Indianapolis, IN)





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