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How can you experience an adventure race up close without all the effort of actually racing in an event?

By volunteering at the largest and oldest Adventure Race held in Indiana; You can help for a few hours or all day.

Why Volunteer?

So you ask, why help when you can just watch? (Other than the free race T-shirt!) Because you’ll be an integral part of the event. Without volunteers, an adventure race is not possible. Some volunteer because they’re interested in adventure racing and want to check it out up close; some are racers who need a down day and choose to give back to the sport; some are friends, family, or significant others of racers who want to be a part of the event and share in the fun.

What kind of things will I do as a volunteer?

Race volunteers do a wide variety of things, including but not limited to:

  • check athletes in and out of CPs (Check Points) throughout the race
  • communicate team location and status to race HQ
  • help with mandatory gear checks, insuring teams have all necessary mandatory safety gear
  • directing athletes through sections of the course (i.e. in and out of the Transition Areas, to special tests)
  • delivering “surprise” directions to athletes at a CP
  • delivering medical assistance (medically trained volunteers)
  • help race HQ run smoothly
  • provide food, drink and a foot massage for the race directors(Ok not necessarily this one)

How far will I have to go from race start/finish location?

There are many locations and jobs that you can do that are at the start/finish location, some are just a short walk or drive. We’ll do our best to accommodate your preferences and abilities.

Can I volunteer with a friend?

Absolutely! That would be ideal.

What if I don't know anyone?

We've found that race volunteers are amongst the most warm and friendly people you're likely to encounter. Whether by yourself, or with a friend, you'll meet some great new people!

How do I signup?

Please send us an email with details if you have job preferences, specific skills and the time that you are available. We will add you to the volunteer list and you will be contacted as the race date approaches with more additional details. Thank you!

Contact Greg Grossart at! (delete the ".nospamplease!") to be added to the volunteer list.





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